Zoe and the Demon Slayer (WIP)

Zoe and the Demon Slayer is the title of a stand-alone fantasy novel that I hope to have ready for launch in the summer of 2014.


Here’s a short (completely unedited and non-proofread) excerpt:

Zoe stumbled to the partly snow-covered ground. The sudden cold penetrated her thin summer dress in no time, and when she sat back on her heals, feeling confused beyond reasoning, her teeth started to clack.

She had to have hit her head harder than she thought, and then she noticed trails of blood in the snow. Was she really bleeding that heavily?

“What the hell are you doing?” a man’s voice roared behind her. A sudden force pushed her to the side and she found herself crawling around in the snow, reaching frantically for her sanity.

Zoe looked back over her shoulder and saw a man dressed in a thick black cloak with a hood with heavy fur trimmings. In his right hand he was holding a blood-dripping sword and in his left a dagger.

Zoe couldn’t stop staring at him. Clearly, she was dreaming. Clearly, she’d knocked herself out when banging her head into that sign and now she was imagining things. She would definitely need a CT-scan.

Still, she jumped when the man with his back turned was attacked by another man with a sword. He fought back, grunting heavily, their swords clanging so loudly against each other that Zoe’s eyes twitched every time they met.

“What are you waiting for? Get back,” the man with the hood yelled at her just before running his sword through his attacker’s gut and killing him on the spot.

Zoe could feel her mouth hanging open and her throat turned horribly dry. There were dead bodies all around her. Four of them, soldiers of some kind dressed in red and blue uniforms. Only man standing was the man in the black hood and he’d just turned towards her.

“You,” he said, staring at her with his brow drawn. He was panting slightly. Obviously, killing four soldiers was hard work. Zoe shook her head. What sort of dream was this? Did the man represent her attacker from the alley?

“Hey, I’m talking to you.” He pushed his sword down the sheath by his side and the dagger into his boot. Zoe followed his every move with her eyes. But when she didn’t answer, he suddenly bolted forward and pulled her up by the shoulders. She could feel the warmth of his hands, and it actually hurt when he squeezed her upper arms and pressed them against her body. She’d never experienced such a lifelike dream. It was amazing.


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