The Witch’s Storm

Genre: Fantasy

The Witch’s Storm is part two of the fantasy series The Witch of Luna Hill.

After having cut a deal with the despised Niolans to find the young Princess Tira, Aia and Merian venture out to retrieve Aia’s memory and not least her magic. Everywhere people are fleeing the effects of the black veil that is covering Bragimark, and the greys seem to have vanished into thin air. The quiet before the storm is deafening.

When the two friends have to part ways, Aia discovers that it is crucial that she gets to the princess before Sixten, and Merian gets caught up in a grey mess and suddenly finds herself face to face with an old acquaintance – an encounter she fears she won’t escape alive.

When Aia learns that there are three components to salvation, she’s surprised to discover that the third element is a new friend who’s somewhat skeptic and even reluctant to help out, and when the final battle against Parmona and her army commences, all seems lost.

Want more of Bragimark? The Princess and the Witch – The Witch of Luna Hill #3


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