Out of Context

– a contemporary novella about four women whose lives are more connected than they think.


Meet Lina Lina is trying to stay on the right side of the law. She’s promised her brother that she will, and his best friend, Roxy, has given Lina a job under the conditions that she doesn’t get involved in anything slightly criminal.

But Lina is very much driven by instant emotions, and when  she meets Nick, she becomes convinced they’ve known each other in several past lives. How can she ignore her fate and not follow who she’s apparently destined to be with, even if it does make her stumble over  the line to the slightly criminally insane?

Meet Arabella Arabella is conscientious and boring as hell. And she’s sick of it. She hates her job and has no idea why she’s still together with her adulturous boyfriend, Peter, who basically just likes her for her tits.

Arabella’s dreams of leaving everything behind is suddenly prompted by a pink tulle dress, of all things. And even though her inner voice strongly advices her to stay with Peter, she ignores it and sets out on an adventure to the airport, only to end up completely rattled.

Meet Sophie Sophie has it all: good looks, shitloads of money, a fabulous career,  and men. Lots of men. Too many, in fact, and some have got to go. But her break-up plan doesn’t exactly go as she imagined it, and not everyone is going to accept rejection lying down.

But Sophie has a few surprises up her sleeve – the kind that can make a man, but also the kind that can break him.

Meet Roxy Roxy owns a successful tattoo business, and is in no way facing  devastating lawsuits. That is, until the day she is expecting life-altering events that  can go either way. So why is she jeopardizing everything on Peter, a completer stranger, who simply rubs her the wrong way?

Is total meltdown going to end her, or will events out of her control save her?


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