100 facts about Neel Kay

Hmm…this is going to be a WIP. Okay, here goes:

1) Am allergetic to chocolate or something in it. But, hey, I can live with a series of violent sneezes every now and again.

2) Once stopped drinking coffee for almost three months, because my body said no. Thank god that is over.

3) First story I ever wrote was about a pair of siblings going to China, and they saw the whole country in just one day. My mother was like: “aaaaarhh-I don’t think that’s possible.”

4) Once got so pissed-off with my sister that I slammed the door in the garage, causing the glass to break and rain down over me.

5) Went to Iceland for five months when I was 19 and worked at a hotel.

6) Can’t see the point in watching filmed concerts.

7) Speaking of concerts: So I like listening to music without dancing around like crazy. Don’t point it out to me in an attempt to be cute. It’s not.

8) Used to be a smoker. Quit on 22 March 2001. Still smoke guiltily in my dreams.

9) After having lived in my house for seven years, I’ve only just found out that that bush with the purple flowers in the back of my garden is a Magnolia called Susan.

10) Not a whole lot into gardening.

11) Get almost psychopathically impatient when ill.

12) Go swimming once a week.

13) Totally just lied under no. 12

14) But intend to start swimming once a week – starting today

15) Played handball for a year as a kid – never scored a goal

16) Shoot a pretty mean riffle – have won prizes and shizz

17) Have climbed the volcano Eldfell on  Heimaey

18) Love to crochet

19) Star sign is Leo – hear me miauw…

20) Have been to the Faroe Islands three times

21) Have recently become obsessed with Game of Thrones – the TV show

22) Huge Supernatural-fan

23) Almost died when I realised there wouldn’t be a fourth season of Veronica Mars

24) Own a clarinet – once I even knew how to play it

25) Have seen Les Miserable on stage four times

26) Do not plan to watch Les Mis a fifth time

27) When I worked in a hospital, I was asked if I wanted to see an aborted fetus – I said no

28) Love hummus!

29) Hate watching films I know will make me cry

30) Ditto books.

31) Bawled my eyes out when reading “Wuthering Heights” and “One Day”.

32) Love rock! (the music, you know, just to clarify)

33) Sing very loudly when alone in my car

34) Cannot carry a tune

35) Grind my teeth when I sleep

36) Daughter of a litograper/typographer

37) Is a trained milliner – have made hats for some of the guests present at the christening of the Danish Prince Nicolai.

38) Will totally win in a game of Trivial Pursuit

39) Will deny it if I ever lose TP

40) Right-handed, but left-shouldered and left-eared (yes, it’s a thing!)

41) Corn and brussels sprouts make me gag.

42) I drink my coffee with milk

43) Not a complete tool at drawing

44) Really really really like Amsterdam




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