Witch on tour

I don’t get a lot of writing done in here, I’m afraid. But I am just about finished with the first draft of Zoe and the Demon Slayer. Yay! Although, I can feel that it’s time to put it away for a bit, and do some reading instead.

Other than that, my cleavage and I have been to tea over at A Woman’s Wisdom, and I’ve gone and booked myself a book tour.

Yes, a genuine book blog tour. Me and my witch (the one from Luna Hill) are going on an online tour in mid-June. I’m a bit nervous. Aia hasn’t stopped staring at me since I broke the news. But Merian, on the other hand, couldn’t be less bothered. Hope it all goes well, because I’m counting on my horoscope to be right when it claims I’m to reach rock star status by July because of something that involves Jupiter. We like Jupiter.

Here’s one of the excerpts that I plan to send to one of the bloggers on the tour:

Lyder had changed, Merian noticed. His features had become hard and sombre and the scar on his left cheek made him look scary, even though he’d had that scar forever. The slight sneer onhis upper lip never seemed to vanish, and there was a strange darkness lingering in the clear blue eyes. Their usual light seemed to have been extinguished.

He used to be so playful and charming. All the local girls had been in love with either Lyder or Kord, if not with both. That included Merian. She’d worshipped her brother.

But after the devastating battle last summer, something had changed him or possibly even possessed him. He wasn’t her brother anymore and it broke her heart. This night was no exception. She could feel it pulling at her heartstrings.

“Who are you looking for?” she asked in a meek voice. It hadn’t been what she’d been going for, but his daunting presence made her weak with the despair of what she had lost.

He barely even looked at her when he replied: “An assassin.”

“Well, we most certainly do not house assassins,” Molte exclaimed in an outrage. “Surely, you must have been misinformed.”

“Or you have been deceived,” Lyder said, “by an assassin.” His gaze brushed across Merian as he scanned the hall once again, and quickly his eyes returned to her.

Oh no. Was she giving something away? Her eyes were all over the place when Lyder walked towards her.

“Merian? You know who I’m talking about, don’t you?” The tiniest of smiles appeared on his lips and his eyes caught a devilish glint.

“I’m sure she doesn’t,” her uncle protested. “Violet, will you stop with the incessant crying. It’s driving me mad.”

“Quite,” Lyder mumbled, never taking his eyes off of Merian who suddenly felt very warm.

Lyder looked almost satisfied. “Where is she?”

“She?” Molte interjected. “The assassin is a she?” He gawked over at Merian, clearly thinking about Aia as his eyes turned upwards towards the floor where Aia had been sleeping.

“You might want to shut up now, dear uncle,” Lyder sighed. “Or I’ll have the entire household hauled in for obstruction, treason and harbouring a criminal who is a threat to the ruler of this land.”

“But that is just ridiculous…!”

“We found her, sheriff!”

The two greys who had been sent outside suddenly reappeared. Aia was hanging over one soldier’s shoulder, completely lifeless.

“What did you do to her?” Merian exclaimed. She bolted forward, surprising both Lyder and the soldier in front who lashed out and struck Merian across her face. She stumbled and fell to the floor. Her cheeks burned. She was red hot with anger and frustration. How could he do this to them? His own family! She wanted to hit him. Hurt him. Make him realise that he had been possessed. That person wasn’t Lyder. Lyder had gone missing in the war and what had returned was something entirely different. 



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