Eat your heart out

Today, while writing, I suddenly remembered Sorten Muld – A Danish band that played a combo of old Scandinavian folk songs and electronic music. About twenty years ago (yes, although difficult to believe, I was alive then), I was in love with the song “Kirstin”. I can’t seem to find it anywhere, though.

It was about this young girl, Kirstin (no way?!) who had a suitor, who her father did not approve of. So he told his men to find this suitor and to give him to the cook. Then they killed him, cooked his heart and served it to Kirstin, and the cook’s boy revealed to her that it was her loved one she was eating.

OH MY GOD! I love that story – so cruel and tragic – but LUUUUURVE it.

Anyway, here’s another great one by Sorten Muld:


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