Loving the ice

I went to my very first hockey match on Sunday. Our local hockey team is one of Denmark’s best – they’ve won championship after championship, and the matches are always packed with spectators. But I’ve never actually seen a match live. Haven’t really been that interested. But this Sunday, it was a cup-thing, the final (you can tell I’m not much of a sports fan, right?) and I’d gotten some free tickets from my day job. So I thought I’d go, and invited my better half and father-in-law.

So, my otherwise so excellent and superior team lost. BIG! But never mind that, there’s still the championship which is SO much better than some stupid Cup-thingy.

But I really liked it. The arena inside was nothing like I’d expected. It was so big and spacious and light, and not at all cramped and packed with drunken fans. And before the match started, the light was dimmed and the fans were waving their giant flags and an opera choir accompanied by really loud drums was playing (on a stereo, not on the ice, although that would have been so incredible), and later on we stood to sing the national anthem, and I have to admit that I got a lump in my throat and a bit misty-eyed. It was so cool, and not just in temperature (aaahhahahahaha!)

I have to go back. Maybe to one of the championship matches. And they have better win!


Look at them skate. And they can fight on skates as well..!! I’ve tried skating once – it didn’t look pretty.


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