Stop talking – I’m trying to sleep

Damn it! It’s always like that, isn’t it? I have 16 days off work. Sixteen! I write like…3,000 words in all of those 16 days. Actually, most of them were written on Saturday, and only yesterday evening at about 10 pm was I feeling wildly inspired and felt like I could write all night and the next day, i.e. today. But alas, I had to get up before dawn this morning to get ready for my day job. I didn’t even sleep that much – kept lying there listening to dialogue between my characters. And everybody knows you don’t remember anything the next day even though you say to yourself: “I’m totally going to remember this” – No, you’re not! So, I had to turn on the light and scribble down words in my notebook just to have an inkling today about what had been going on in my imagination last night.

*Getting more coffee*


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