I just finished The Witch’s Storm. Like right now, just this minute. I’m going to put it away for a few days and then reread it all one last time and edit whatever needs a final editing, and then I’m sending it off to my proofreader.

I’m still counting on publishing it in mid-November. Still waiting for my covers, though, because my photographer-sister is enjoying herself on some Greek island at the moment, and rubbing it in my face on Facebook.

You know that I initially only intended The Witch to be a two-book-series? Yeah…! Well…! Even if the story about the war against Parmona ends in book two, I still can’t completely let go of Bragimark and especially Freya, and there are certain ends that are still somewhat fluttering in the wind. I want to tie them up and I want to know what happens to Freya.

I might just leave it a bit though. I have other stories lined up in my head. Other characters who are telling me that it’s their turn next. “You promised,” they say and look at me with those big pleading eyes, so how can I possibly refuse?

But one day, there will be a third witch book, completing the, well, trilogy, I suppose.


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