Merian for the cover

I’m having new covers made. Brand new ones for The Witch of Luna Hill and the second part of the series, The Witch’s Storm. Expected publication 19 November 2013 – just FYI!! Are you excited? I’m excited. No, really, I am!

But I digress…!

My sister is a very talented photographer and graphic artist. She also lives in Norway, whereas I’m living in the south of Denmark, so we don’t really pester each other with visits. But I thought I’d ask her if she could do some cover photos for me, and asked for a model with long reddish curls and blue eyes (Merian), and one with long blonde hair and brown eyes (Aia).

A few weeks later she told me that a fellow photographer from Denmark was coming to visit her; Pretty and young and her look is actually very Merian (well, except for the piercings). Her hair curly, brown though, but nothing that Photoshop couldn’t fix.

Another couple of weeks later, my sister wrote on my FB wall: “Model with blonde hair and brown eyes is in the bag!” Like we wanted to do something shady with her…!

And then one day she called me up and asked me how I wanted to shoot “Merian” and the conversation went something like this:

Sis: “I’ve put her in a simple dress.”

Me: “But the character doesn’t like wearing dresses.”

Sis: “Oh.”

Me: “Do you have a sword?”

Sis: “Only Otto’s wooden sword…?”

Me: “Can you photoshop it to look like a real sword?”

Sis: “No.”

Me: “Do you have a black cape?”

Sis: “No.”

Me: “Oh.”

Sis: “So we’re going down to the forest, is that alright?”

Me: “Absolutely. Hey, can she be naked?” (totally kidding) “Maybe some close ups of her face, like she’s looking up from under her brow, a bit menacing, because Merian is really badass.”

Sis: “Okay, so shot of the eyes and naked.”

Me: “She doesn’t have to be naked. No, not naked.”

Sis: “So badass eyes, some foresty background and her hair?”

Me: “Yes, and make it look a bit old-fashioned and kind of magic.”

Sis: “Eeeeerhm…alright.”

Should be easy, right? Gave her plenty to work with, don’t you think?

I can’t wait to find out what they came up with.


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