All by my selfish

Last week I went to Bornholm where my parents live. It’s a small island in the Baltic – beautiful place. My mom and dad were in Norway visiting my sister, so I had their house all to my selfish. My first evening there, I walked down to the grocery store along the coast line and the harbour. The sun shone and it was such a beautiful and peaceful evening, not least because I wasn’t accompanied by speed-talking kids and husband. It was just me, all alone, and I enjoyed it SO much I giggled all the way. But even though I love the coast line and swoon over harbours (yes, I even like the smell), that was the only time I left my parents’ house-slash-garden. Because, you see, the whole point of travelling all the way across Denmark, through Sweden and back to a little piece of Denmark, was to get some writing done.

WP_000544 WP_000545 WP_000550 WP_000543

I had hoped to finish the first draft of The Witch’s Storm, but as I wrote, the story suddenly decided it didn’t want to end where I’d planned it would end, nor the way I’d imagined.

“Are you kidding? That is the most unsatisfactory ending ever,” it proclaimed, and I could see its point. So, alas, I didn’t finish, but I’m very excited by this new ending. Still hope to have it ready for launch at the beginning of November, though.

Have a great weekend out there – I turn OLD tomorrow, so I’ll be crying in bed all day, wondering what the hell happened to my life. Good times!!


One thought on “All by my selfish

  1. Bornholm looks like a beautiful place Neel. Good idea to go with the flow with your story – planning never works, if the ending changes that means your story lives.

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