Don’t like them Niolans

“I don’t know. I just heard that the Niolans considered them dangerous, and for some reason they ran them all out of Niola. I don’t remember Cem Baggeheart being evil, though. I met him once, when I was six, I think. He seemed nice. He gave me a piece of cheese.”

“Seriously?” Aia gawked at Merian, examining her entire face to see if she was making it up.

“It was down at the market by the cheese booth. My mother damn nearly keeled over with a heart attack when she saw it. Of course she didn’t say anything to his face, that’s not her style, but when we got home, I tell you she flipped out.” Merian shrugged again. “So I guess that is why you don’t like the Niolans.”

Huh? What? But..but why doesn’t Aia like the Niolans? Don’t you think this is taken a little bit out of context, Neel, if that is even your real name!?

I know, I know, but I don’t want to give too much away either. Is it better not to post excerpts then? Oh, I don’t know…! But you know what? I haven’t written anything for almost two weeks. TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Insanely busy at day job last week, Lalandia and Legoland with kids over the weekend, and parents visiting this week. I feel so guilty. I’ve left Aia and Merian lingering in the middle of the woods, just waiting for me to press play.

Sunday, sweethearts. I’m pressing that button on Sunday.


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