Have you read The Witch of Luna Hill? And are you dying (or maybe just slightly interested) to know what’s going to happen to Aia, Merian, Lyder and Kord? And are you getting increasingly impatient with the author and feel like she should pull herself the goddamn together and write that second part of the story?

Yeah, me too.

I promise I am writing. No, really, I am!! And I thought I’d post a few raw, completely unedited excerpts over the next couple of weeks. Just another displacement activity you think? Yeah, well, no, not really, because clearly…posting excerpts is a way of…whatever. You know. I’m doing it! And I’m writing! All is well.


One thought on “procrastination

  1. Good luck Neel – one thing I discovered you may have already: you don;t enjoy writing all the time, sometimes it;s a struggle. But you just have to keep fighting through and you end up with something as good as the Witch of Luna Hill (still reading and enjoying it)!

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