Writing for clean water

Last year I joined a group on Goodreads called The Review Group. The RG on GR. Some time around Christmas one of the moderators made a suggestion of writing an anthology for charity, and quite a few (including yours truly) thought it was a great idea, and the charity soon became WaterAid. Never heard of it before as it’s a UK-based charity. I know the UK is my neighbour beyond the North Sea, but somehow charities don’t make the headlines as much as pop music and reality shows.

Anywho, I said I’d contribute with a story, and then life happened, and I sort of forgot all about it, until the day the moderator wrote me and asked me if I was still in.

Was I still in?

I thought I had enough on my plate and decided that I would drop out of it. But as I sat down to write her back, I changed my mind. And instead of writing excuses I wrote: “When’s the deadline?”

And now I’m in. I’ve written a short story, “Fortunes” it’s called. And I’ve set up a Facebook and Twitter account for our group and made a blog. It’s so exciting being a part of it – I’m so thrilled that I decided to dive in instead of keeping my feet dry.

We publish the anthology “Of Words and Water” on 1 July. The theme is water and the contributing authors are from all over the world; the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland … Denmark. Authors who are all indie/self-published and writing in a wide variety of genres.

If you’re interested in helping us raise money for WaterAid, then check out the blog, the Facebook and Twitter page, our group on Smashwords and the place to donate JustGiving. And of course in return, you get to download the anthology once it’s released. What’s not to love?


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