Welcome to Bragimark

No, I didn’t write today. I got home at 2:45 a.m. after having helped out at the students’ party at the business college where I work, selling beer tickets and trying to sort out the mayhem of the wardrobe. Oh, my ever aging body was aching when I passed out on my bed among husband and offspring, and I slept until noon. And now, somehow, it’s already 6 p.m. – how the hell did that happen?!

Anyway, I couldn’t concentrate on writing, so instead I decided to make a map of Bragimark. First draft. Probably also the last. But if you’ve read The Witch of Luna Hill or plan to – then you can see here where it all goes down. Only exception is Sortsted River – that is a key place in the second book.

bragimark_map - Kopi


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Bragimark

  1. Ahhh the escape into another world…. I totally get why people write fantasy, though I could never do it! I don’t think I could make up all the names…! But you get to make cool maps like this, though ~ I like ‘The Thumb’!

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