Review of The Other Side by Terry Tyler

Even though it’s been a few months since I finished The Other Side, I haven’t gotten around to writing a review untill now.

I read this book between Christmas and New Years last year while visiting my parents who live faaaaaar away from me, and whom I only see about twice a year, maybe. I think they hardly noticed me visiting as most of the time I was swallowing every single word written by ms. Tyler’s sharp, observant and humorous pen. It reminded me so much of Marian Keyes who has a big fan in yours truly.

I must admit I found The Other Side a bit slow to begin with, and having to start over with a new character for the first four chapters and having to remember who did what, where, when and why was a bit confusing. But then it all became much clearer, and I kind of figured out what it would all boil down to. But I still felt thoroughly entertained and still the author managed to whip up a few surprises, and I practically devoured the last half of the book in record time.

I gave it 4 stars on to begin with, but as time went by and I found myself still thinking about it, I changed my mind and decided to award it 5 stars.

Thank god that there are more books by Terry Tyler!!

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3 thoughts on “Review of The Other Side by Terry Tyler

  1. This is me thanking you for the review on your blog, too – it’s a smashing review! Really well thought out. I have never read any Marian Keyes, but you are the second person to say the way I write reminds me of her. I know she’s massively successful; perhaps I ought to read her!

    • There are similarities to Keyes, but you still got your very own writing style. I’ll be picking up your new one as well – as soon as I’ve finished Dream On.

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