Review of Hell in the Kitchen by Ian Little

There was a phase in my life when I loved watching celebrity chefs unfold their culinary skills on tv, and I even had a bit of a celebrity crush on James Martin once. I know, I’m sad…! My point is that I’ve seen it all: Hell’s Kitchen, Celebrity Hell’s Kitchen (with Jake Black or what’s his face?) and Masterchef for pros. And, ultimately, I grew a bit tired of it, really.

So how refreshing was it to read a spoof about one of the biggest of all celebrity chefs? Everytime I recognised a name I would laugh out loud. Raymond Crank anyone? Not to mention the main character Gary Pansey.

A well-written look into the world of  celebrity chefs and their kitchens and restaurants. A quick, easy and funny read. Only problem with this book was that it made me hungry. Had to bake a cake after finishing it.

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