Hear me squeal – silently

So, have been trying to reach out to some book bloggers in an attempt to get them to review The Witch. But man, are they busy! They are insanely busy!! Either that or they didn’t like my very humble approach and deleted my e-mail the second it landed in their inbox.

Did I mention how much of a pessimist I can be?

No, I didn’t write them a mass e-mail. I read every single blog, I found out their name, and I read their review guidelines. One of them had 179 books she had to get through. That would probably take me ten years. At least.

So they’re busy. Right? That’s what we’re saying!

But then this morning, I went on Twitter. Nothing unusual there. But there was a tweet in which I was mentioned. A tweet that referred to a blog on which there was a review … of my book! Not one of the book bloggers I’d approached. But another one. A complete stranger who’d read my book because she’d wanted to (!)

So I clicked on the link, and when I saw that it was a good review, I squealed in delight – which sounded kind of weird seeing as I’ve, for some reason, lost my voice. So I favourited, retweeted, answered, followed, put it on Facebook and am now blogging about it, because it just so made my day to hear that someone, a complete stranger, read my book and even wants to read the sequel.


Read it here – you’re worth it!


2 thoughts on “Hear me squeal – silently

  1. Congratulations Neel, the first of many great reviews I’m sure. Just goes to show that you can try and try, and when you give up, something happens. I’m looking forward to reading The Witch of Luna Hill. Do you like the old Norse myths and legends? I have a book of them, really fascinating. I think us in UK love the Scandinavian people right now, Denmark, Sweden and Norway seem like wonderful fantasy places, full of history. Wishing you all the best and once again, well done.

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