Going after the wicked Witch from the tower because they told me to

I have a couple of WIPs at the moment. One of them a ghost story that I really wanted to dive into once I’d finished The Witch of Luna Hill. But whenever I sit down and try to work on it, Aia and Merian from The Witch start to complain in the back of my head.

“WTF?! What about us? You can’t just leave us hanging here! We want revenge, peace and luurve! We want to bring down the wicked witch from the tower.”

Well, alright then, I thought, I’ll finish the Witch. And you know that feeling when everything just sort of seems to fall right into place? You know, that: she-did-this-in-the-first-book-so-it-makes-perfect-sense-that-this-was-the-cause-even-if-I-hadn’t-even-thought-about-it-yet-when-I-wrote-the-first-book-kind-of-feeling? I’m totally feeling that with the sequal (p.s. what’s a series of two books called?)

Story: “It’s because I’m already out here. I’m just waiting for you to pull yourself together and sit down and write me.”

Me: “Oh, so I’m MEANT to write you? It’s my destiny?”

Story: “Myeahwell, you just happened to stumble upon me first.”

Me: “Like the song on the road.”

Story: “‘cuse me?”

Me: “The song about the song on the road. The one that just wanted to be sung. It’s a Danish thing…”

Story: “Yeah, just like the song…I guess.”


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