Meet Aia

A year ago, Aia was found dead in a lake. Fortunately, her rescuer managed to resuscitate her. How she ended up in the water in the first place, she doesn’t remember. Actually, she doesn’t remember one single thing about her old life from before she died.

Now she lives her monotone life by the edge of the Great Forest, in which she works day in and day out. Up there in the Northlands, beyond the mountains, the war against supernatural beings and all who side with them isn’t quite as visible as in the rest of Bragimark.

But all that is about to change. When old man Poole lends Aia his horse, a terrible fall sends her to Thunder Rock. Here, her frequent nightmares of what she thinks are memories, is accompanied by a ghost urging her to find a princess of whom she knows absolutely nothing about.

But all Aia wants is to go back home to the village and live her life in peace. But she soon realizes that in order to get peace, she has to fight for it, even if it might kill her. Again.

Venturing out on a journey across the haunted mountains and into the war-torn Witch’s Nose, her role in the war becomes significant, and so does her presence in the lives of the Storm family.

I think up scenarios every day. I imagine what I would do to defend myself, and I see weapons in everything I see. In every scenario he still defeats me, though. I may not remember who he is, but deep down I know that I can’t beat him.

– Aia, Luna Hill

Have you met Merian Storm?


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