And what the *bleep* are you looking at?

I’m in such a gloomy mood these days. And not gloomy hot as a YA vampire slash werewolf slash any other paranormal creature, but just really ugly gloomy. Might be because I’m a woman that I can’t pull off the gloomy hotness. And possibly also because of my lack of paranormal qualities.

When summertime turned its back on Northern Europe, so did my mood. It did a 180 and is now standing over in the corner, arms crossed and royally pissed-off at the universe. Everything has turned against me. The weather: If it’s not demon frost completely carved into my windshield and impossible to scrape off, it’s the freaking sun thinking I want it shining directly in my face constantly while I’m driving, or it’s black clouds and heavy rain halfway flooding my garden room (well, there was a small puddle – but still…!!)

And don’t get me started on traffic. But come on. Drive, already. And what’s with all the freaking tractors? And do you really need to trim the side of the road in the middle of rush hour? No, you don’t! You are just doing it to piss me off! Why, universe? What did I ever do to you? Diesel? Yes, thank you for reminding me that I need to fill the tank, and that I’m bloody awful at it.

Why? Why? Waaaiii?

And what is up with all this static electricity? It makes my clothes cling to my body, completely exposing my post baby fat. (Don’t you dare remind me it’s been three years since I gave birth last!)

Okokokok, I’ll try to be positive. I’ll try and think of something good. Something that at least isn’t completely crap. Like…?

I don’t know.


I guess my hair looks kinda nice.

But then again, not really…


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