Meet Merian Storm

Merian is the social outcast of her university. Not only because she’s not into the whole competing for boys, grades and popularity, but mostly because her brother has joined the enemy and is the new sheriff of their home county of Witch’s Nose.

Her father was killed in battle nearly two years ago, and her mother has officially lost her mind, trying to marry Merian away to a dead man.

This summer vacation, which might just be the last from a rundown university suffering in the war brought upon the country by the vicious Vithar, Merian does not want to go home to a heartbroken mother who has lost her marbles, an uncle who pours guilt on top of guilt and the off chance of running into a brother who she wants to slap the hell out of for turning his back on his family.

So she makes other plans. Plans that will lead her into serious trouble, make her face deaths, ghosts and villains. But also bring about a best friend, a chance to kill Vithar and reunite with a dead man who is very much alive.

“I hate that man. I wish I could stab him in the eyeballs and gouge them out and make him choke on them. And then when he was dead, I’d hang him from a tree, letting him rot and get eaten by birds. And when there was nothing left but bones, I’d piss all over them.”

– Merian Storm, Luna Hill

Have you met Aia?


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