Frustration city

Feel frustrated today. And not just frustrated, but fRRRustrated (beginning to think the word Frustrated sounds really weird).

I feel like  I don’t have a single connection in the world, that my network is non-existent. Not a single person can I get to review my dumbass book. Yes, it’s stupid and dumbass right now and so is the world and I’m terribly misunderstood. Yes, this is me throwing a tantrum. I mean, I can’t even get my family and friends to make a goddamn review.

I don’t care if you give it one star, just give me your honest opinion. I won’t even cry. That much. I’ll wait until I’m alone and sit on the toilet and weep and cry snot. And maybe I’ll get out my voodoo doll, but I won’t be cruel, just…pinch it a little.

I also gave up on sugar and chocolate and white bread yesterday. Not that I see any connection, whatsoever!


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